Originals Leather Gloves - Black Perforated

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The Originals leather gloves are the longest-running series gloves and have been with Odin Mfg since day one. Redesigned for the first time with features like upgraded materials and a new manufacturing process we've taken the original "Originals" to the next level. The gloves feature a strong and buttery soft premium aniline cow leather construction that provides improved comfort and wearability. The conforming leather wrist straps keep the velcro secure while the pre-curved construction and one-piece diamond-stitched suede palms add to the overall fit, durability, and grip. All Odin Mfg gloves feature our trademark tank grabber magnets, flip-tip finger, and thumbs for true touchscreen capability and are backed by the best customer service in the game.

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  • Premium perforated cow Aniline leather
  • Soft bonded liner
  • Embossed leather wrist straps
  • 1-piece seamless gussets
  • Short cuff design
  • Pre curved construction
  • Odin Mfg signature tank magnets
  • Flip tip finger and thumb touchscreen access
  • Diamond stitched double-layer suede palms
  • Double-reinforced impact seams
  • True to size for the most part
  • Use the size chart and measure your hands for the perfect fit

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The Odin Mfg story is a true restless pursuit of progression and how it continues to take us to new places in life.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
The best

I’ve been riding motorcycles for years and I’ve tried tons of different gloves and I was never completely happy with them. Plus they never held up for very long, usually not even a whole riding season. But then I heard about Odin Mfg, I liked the looks of them so I ordered these gloves. When they came in they fit a little tight but after a few weeks they really broke in and became extremely comfortable. I’ve had this same pair of gloves now for almost three years and nearly 30k miles of riding. They have held up incredibly well and show no real signs of wear or tear. Other than the leather color fading a bit on the backs of the gloves they look nearly identical to how they looked a month after I started using them. Not only would I recommend these gloves, I do recommend them frequently to anyone who asks about riding gloves.

Matt Fielder
Good fit

Fits like a glove. Unusual for me to need xxxl, but that's what their size recommendations were, and are perfect.

Replaced 4 yr old daily originals

I ride nearly daily and my go to gloves have been odin originals during the last 4 years. They saw all types of weather and were completely grey and beat up. Still my best gloves. So they finally fell apart, right? Nope! Smoke damage from an apartment finally retired them. I decided to try the perfs this time. It’s already getting hot in the deep south. They fit and feel great right out of the bag and I know they’ll just keep getting better.

3000 km review

I’ve used many different gloves over 30 plus years of riding. Had some good and bad but these are premium. Great fitting,Comfortable, and appear well made. The finger access and tank magnets are functional features. Use the sizing chart. It’s accurate for fitting. Retains great fit after break in. Nice to see some Canadian boys contributing to the market!

Perfect fit!

Just got my pair of Perforated Originals last week, haven't had a chance to do much riding yet with them but they are by far the best fitting motorcycle gloves I have ever purchased.

I have fairly long fingers compared to the width of my hand and most gloves if the fingers are the correct length then the Palm section is way too loose and baggy, or if the Palm section fits right then the fingers stop about a half an inch short of where they should. I followed the size chart recommendations from Odin and got the large and they fit my hands like a glove, 😆.

The only thing I would like to see done differently are the flip up index and thumb openings that are supposedly for smartphone use. When I am riding, I am not using on my phone and I would rather have the glove be solid. I tried to use the little flip openings just to see and found that they didn't really work for me. If it was me I would ditch that "feature" as it's a little bit gimmicky and just have solid fingers on all 10 but even with that I would buy these gloves again when this pair finally wears out.

Very good build quality leather feels great, can't wait to get some miles in them this Summer. Good job Odin, you really did well on these!