Google Reviews
"These gloves are the best pair of riding gloves I've ever had. They are well made and are very comfortable after the break-in period. I really like the magnet that is in each glove so you can just sit them bad boys on the tank when you are at the pump or somewhere that doesn't have people with sticky fingers if you know what I mean."
— Mark
"I had an issue with a vest I purchased. A quick email to their customer service. Sent me a brand new vest and a sticker pack! Best customer service I have ever dealt with. Keep up the good work. Will continue to purchase from you guys for all my gear."
— Kevin Benvenuti
"I love Odin gear. Customer service is great. Shipping is fast and reliable. The Heavy Hitters are my go to gloves and I’m building up my stock of all available colors! Highly recommend Odin."
— Dan Taylor
"Very quick delivery. Solid construction. Follow the size chart on the website. To me they seem to run small. The 2x size were semi tight but I'm sure they will break in. Only issue I have is there is no customer service phone number that I can find. Maybe because of the international calls from the USA? Either way, it's a great product."
— Angry Ben