Who Is Odin Mfg?

The Odin Mfg story is a true restless pursuit of progression and how it continues to take us to new places in life. What started out as an idea between two brothers, has now become our entire reality. Commitment, dedication, and patience has taken us to where we are today. This is our story.

The initial conversations that led to Odin’s conception started in a small winter Alberta town in 2016. We both had a ton of ideas about bringing the motorcycle riding scene something different that not only functioned well but also represented our roots and inspirations. Growing up around influences like motorcycles, mountains, snowboarding, and music, we took these styles and life lessons learned and applied them to our initial designs. Admittedly at first we had no idea the gravity of what we were trying to build, but we never do anything half hearted, so this was to be no different. Over time our goals and ideas became more and more clear. This mentality along with the willingness to put in the work required brought the road map for Odin Mfg to life.     

  “Do anything the way you do everything”

In the beginning we would come home from J.O.B’s of custom woodwork and wrenching on motorcycles and then deep into the night, the real work would begin. With the support of our families and best friends, soon we were able to take the leap and begin working on the Odin dream full time. A true grass roots business starting out of a basement and home garage. We worked restlessly to come up with innovative designs for functional riding apparel that our customers would feel proud to wear on and off their motorcycles.          

It wasn’t long before the basement started overflowing and the two car garage had every vacant corner occupied with boxes of gloves and gear. It was said to us if you aren’t scared you aren’t pushing hard enough so when it was finally bursting at the seams we found our first warehouse and got to work setting up the ultimate shop. Today we are thankful for all the opportunities and to be working beside our best friends, collaborating and building up our skills and encouraging positive growth for ourselves and our families.

“Contribute to your Culture”


“Loyalties Over Royalties”

For us, these are more than just taglines, they’re major concepts that truly define how we operate. Our entire lives revolve around our motorcycles and our community and with that comes a high level of trust from the Odin Family to create and develop products that are rooted in function and contribute to the overall riding experience. Ultimately we vet our line by living the lifestyle we promote, logging endless hours of seat time and standing behind the brand we’ve worked hard to build.