Moto Supply Fleece Hoodie

$79.99 USD


Introducing the Moto Supply Hoodie, a new art collaboration with the good homie Dwayne Wiebe a.k.a. Dweeb Designs. A talented artist, tattooer, and pro snowboarder. Together, we call it the Moto Supply Hoodie.

At Odin, we love working with people like Dwayne. We believe in supporting our friends' endeavors and building each other up. Our motto, "High Tides Raise All Ships," reflects this belief.

For this collaboration, Dwayne hand-drew a classic motor stack that includes the new M8, Twin Cam, Evo, Shovel, and Sporty models. We've printed this design on our beloved black Odin Mfg hoodie.


  • 350 Heavyweight GSM fleece
  • Custom snap lock hood to eliminate strings flapping against your helmet and passengers face all while sealing up the neck to keep you warm on a brisk ride
  • 6-panel hoods
  • Silicone strips on the hood brim to keep your hood from sliding down
  • Rider reach sleeve length
  • Pre-shrunk fleece
  • Flat sewn neck tags
  • Soft cotton seam tape
  • Proudly printed in ALTA


  • True to Size
  • Minimal Shrinkage