Saddlemen Motorcycle Seat Heater

$200.00 USD


Enjoy a heated motorcycle seat option for you and your passenger in any custom built Saddlemen Seat from Odin mfg. Available ONLY with a new Seat purchase and not as an independent retro fit option for an exiting seat.

This Heated Seat addition will come pre built into your Odin Mfg x Saddlemen seat when purchased together WITH a new custom seat and will require a local shop or a small mechanical ability to complete the the wiring connections into the electrical system of your bike 


  • Dual heat levels that warm you up quickly and keeps you warm throughout the ride.
  • Compatible with all Odin mfg x Saddlemen Step Up and Road Sofa models
  • Waterproof internal heating elements
  • External Swich


  • Illuminated high/low power switch Installed into your seat
  • Rider and Passenger position pre Installed heat pads
  • Wiring harness with an inline fuse holder and fuse