Paisley SMX Motorcycle Gloves

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The Paisley SMX motorcycle gloves are back better than ever. Designed to look, feel, and function like motocross gloves, but they're built stronger for the streets.

All Odin Mfg Street MX gloves feature tanks magnets, flip-tip index fingers and thumbs, and gnarly graphic designs to suit different style needs.

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The Odin Mfg story is a true restless pursuit of progression and how it continues to take us to new places in life.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Nice gloves

Go with the size recommendations. It recommended an XL which I do not wear in any other glove and the fingers are all pretty snug at first. The thumb is a bit long. Overall I have really enjoyed the gloves. They provide great air flow and will be my summer gloves for sure. They were a bit tight between the fingers because of how they were constructed but they have loosened up well after the first dozen or so times I have worn them. Would definitely purchase again.

Antonio Jaramillo
Love these Gloves

I ride year round in North Texas. My first pair lasted me almost 3 years. Great in the summer and good to about 45 deg in the winter. Grip and comfort are top notch. I am very particular about my gloves and how they fit. Hand length is 7 1/4" long, and 4" across the palm. I use size large. Love the magnet feature. Keeps the gloves from falling to the ground or on a hot motor/exhaust. The finger flips are GREAT!!! Works so much better than those other "phone friendly finger tip" gloves. Use all the time with my GPS and music. Only negatives (which was not a big deal AT ALL) #1. After the first heavy summer rain I got caught in made the gloves dye blead and stained my hands a little black (Full black top and palm). After a few rain events, the dye stains almost went away completely. #2. The hook and loop wrist fastener on the left glove wore out after about a year. Was going to add a snap to it but the palm of the same glove started to wear out early this year. Right glove had no issues. I do rest my hand on the grip end on long rides and it has a point at the end. I believe that contributed to the left glove wearing out faster than the right. If it were not for the left palm wearing out, I could probably used these gloves for another year. Can not wait to get the new red paisley pair I just ordered. RIDE ON!!


I saw them and I had to have them. Not only buying from local but buying such a quality glove really pays off. Not only that, these gloves are eye-catching and exactly what I was looking for. Love the fit and love the unique look. Looking forward to a second pair. Thank you everyone at Odin. Keep up the good work.

Great gloves

These are some of the most comfortable gloves I've owned! I've been riding motorcycles for years and have used many different types and brands of gloves and these are my be favorite brand of gloves

Todd Bensch
Gloves, good start.

Ordered a pair of the pasley gloves and when they arrived they were very tight. Within an hour of wearing and stretching them out they fit very comfortably. I will thoroughly torture test them on a ride to Mexico and back. And thanks to the added bonus of the stickers, Oden will be added to the product’s sponsors on the 2023 3 Flags Rally water jug and windscreen. Sorry no way to upload pictures.