Hybrid Heavy Hitters Motorcycle Gloves - Bones

$99.99 CAD

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  • The Hybrid Heavy Hitters motorcycle gloves feature premium strong and super soft goat Aniline leather that levels up comfort and long-term wearability. Along with floating soft-foam EVA knuckles we also introduced the expansion accordion side panels that together eliminate all pressure points commonly found in a tactical knuckle glove and improve the ease of entry. This new Hybrid Heavy Hitter design provides significant flexibility that gives the wearer a game-ready broken-in feel and a new true to size expectation for fitment.


    • Premium goat Aniline leather
    • Soft Foam Knuckle Protection 
    • Accordion Stretch Side Panels
    • Pre-curved construction
    • Two-piece flexion palms
    • Embossed leather wrist closures
    • 1-piece seamless finger gussets
    • Odin Mfg signature tank magnets
    • Double-reinforced impact seams


      • True to Size, very forgiving

        Rotate Glove For 360 View:




        The Odin Mfg story is a true restless pursuit of progression and how it continues to take us to new places in life.

        Customer Reviews

        Based on 2 reviews
        Brian Hoffman

        Shadetree Surgeon sent me!

        Willy B
        by the tip of a finger.

        Ever since I bought the BMX version of the skeleton gloves I wanted these but with some protection.
        So as soon as I saw these were done, I bought a pair. and I like them a lot, there is a tiny problem though. it was decided at some point to reduce the length of the removable tip of the fingers, on the Thumb side its all good but seems that it would have been a better idea to keep the size of the index finger the same as the BMX ones.
        Why? well as is, that feature on the index finger is useless, one one side the so short length prevents it from staying back, and the bend is located right where the foam protection is so you can't really bend the fabric there and the tip of the finger doesn't uncover much.
        Besides that I would say they are great.
        Guessing V3 of These will be perfect.