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Everything you’ve come to expect from our originals with the benefit of padded knuckles and wrists for those seeking extra protection from their gloves.


Built with high end soft perforated cow leather to match our E-ville x Odin Vest, reinforced dual layer palms, and anti slip tank magnets. These gloves also feature the flip tip fingers which come in useful for everything from helmet D rings, phone screens, to pin codes at the gas pump.

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Weight7 oz
Dimensions13 × 10 × 1 in


1 review for Heavy Hitters

  1. (verified owner) (verified owner)

    30 Days, 2,027.28 miles, one new set of #Odinmfg #Heavy-Hitters are broken in quite nicely. The fit, finish, & Protection of these gloves are the best I’ve ever worn. Over the 2000+ miles, I’ve ridden in Florida heat and rain, all day groups rides covering hundreds of miles, with my hands never the worse for it. The gloves breath incredibly well, while offering heavy duty protection. I don’t know how they do it, Odin’s magic? Because of the built in (hard) protection any rocks, gravel, or small road debris kicked up bounced off my hands without the sting or pain I’m used to. Lastly, the large insects that torment riders in Florida just bounced back into the breeze, to go find another victim, no fuss, no muss. After seeing the fall @blue_collar_destruction took and him have no hand injury, I contacted him for his take on the gloves performance. After listening to him praise how well they protected him in the fall, I knew I wanted to try a pair of the #HeavyHitters for myself. I incredibly happy I did, and I think you will be too.


    P.S. These are my everyday riding gloves now. I never leave home without them.

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