The Odin Gauntlets Cold Weather Motorcycle Gloves


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The Gauntlets incorporate every proven detail that put our Odin Originals and our Heavy Hitters on the map as leading glove contenders. Along with new extended-length leather cuffs and lockdown zippers to seal off the air, The Odin Gauntlets feature a serious 75 grams of cold battling THINSULATE©️ Making them the prime glove for battling the cold and extending your riding season.

And it turns out that what’s good for the hands is also good for the brain. Check this out 👇

UCLA Researchers found that 20-minute motorcycle rides increased riders’ heart rates by 11% and adrenaline levels by 27%. These values are similar to what would be experienced when performing some light exercise. They also noted there was a 28% decrease in cortisol and other biomarkers of stress.

Add these gloves to your arsenault if want to push it later into the season and avoid the early onset of motorcycle separation anxiety.


Additional information

Weight 7 oz
Dimensions 16 × 6 × 1 in


3 reviews for The Odin Gauntlets Cold Weather Motorcycle Gloves

  1. (verified owner) (verified owner)

    Received these last week, they are light weight, but warm. Kept my hands warm for 50 mile ride in 44 degree weather. Great fit, not bulky, gauntlet pulls on easy over jacket and zippers close easily. if you wear liners, you may want to go up one size from what you think, but check with them, they were quick to respond and very helpful.

  2. (verified owner) (verified owner)

    I bought these after seeing a review from Her Two Wheels on YouTube. The fit is true to size and the pointer and thumb tabs are great to be able to use my phone. The gauntlet fits over my leather jacket, but I can’t zipper them closed, this is still better than any other gauntlet glove I’ve tried. They are thin and flexible. My hands do get cold below 35° without the heated grips on my bike, but the wind not running up my arms is a great comfort and worth the sacrifice. I have warmer gloves but I hate wearing them because they are just too bulky to feel the controls on my grips. I still give them 5 stars because not everyone is an all weather rider and will rarely ride after the temp drops below 45°.

  3. (verified owner) (verified owner)

    Does anyone know what the correct return address is for returning product? I need to get smaller size gloves.

    • 2916 11 st se, but [email protected] will just fire you a message and get it handled for you.

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